Hair and hairstyles boost personality since they are the first thing that people notice. Beautiful and fragrant hair may make an impression on those you encounter. Many people have problems with hair loss. Whether the problem is dry and damaged hair or greasy hair. The reasons for these issues are listed below. We also provide easy hair care routines and recommendations to help you have gorgeous hair.

Attempt to avoid the heat.

Whether blow-drying, straightening, or curling, the keratin in the hair is damaged by excessive heat. Heat breaks down proteins, causing hair to become thin and brittle, and it can also dry up the scalp as the hair follicles generate less oil. resulting in a lack of moisture, and is easily fractured and caused hair loss. When hair is routinely exposed to heat, it might cause irreversible hair loss.

Stop tying your hair too tight.

Creating a hairstyle that must be tightly tied or a tight braid, on the other hand, puts your hair under stress, making it more likely to break since your hair is not naturally blown out. It also weakens the hair roots due to the tension. Furthermore, it might easily cause headaches.

Be careful not to get the conditioner on your scalp.

The conditioner improves hair. However, if utilized improperly. Instead of being beneficial, it might affect the scalp and hair. Excessive use of conditioner by applying it directly to the scalp without entirely rinsing it off. The conditioner will restrict the hair roots and weaken them. The conditioner should only be applied to the hair’s tips. To maintain your hair to keep it silky

Try not to wash your hair at night. 

When you wash your hair at night, your hair retains moisture when you go to bed, causing the pillow to get moist and moldy, creating stains on the pillow. It is a bacterial reservoir causing scalp itching and dandruff because dampness encourages mold growth.

Do not brush your hair when it’s wet.

When your hair is still wet. They are in a weak state. To prevent hair loss you should not comb your hair right away. If your hair becomes tangled, simply use your fingers to gently brush the hair from the top downwards. Allow your hair to flow.

Do not use multiple products at the same time.

Don’t use multiple products simultaneously, because if you have an allergic reaction, hair loss, or itchy scalp, you never know which product is causing it, what you’re allergic to, and what to avoid. on the other hand,  if You have had good outcomes you can find out it’s due to which items you’re utilizing.

Keep your brushes clean. 

Even if you wash your hair regularly, however, if your comb is unclean, it will cause your hair to become dirty and smelly from the scurf, Dead skin cells, and other impurities in the comb’s nooks that will cling to your hair. Using a scrub brush, carefully clean your comb. If you’re using a wide-toothed comb, wipe the nooks with a cotton bud soaked with a cleaning solution. Then, before using the comb, allow it to dry.

scalp massage

This is a hair care routine that will assist you in relaxing and encouraging blood flow to the scalp and hair roots.  When the blood flow to the hair completely, the hair becomes robust and resistant to damage. Scalp massage should be done during shampooing or after. This can be accomplished by using your fingers to massage in circular patterns all over your head.

Take a vitamin supplement. 

Vitamin deficiency is one of the causes of hair loss. The main vitamin necessary for strengthening hair is Vitamin H or Biotin, a vitamin for hair loss classified in the same group as vitamin B. It plays an essential role in strengthening the structure of keratin in the hair. There is also iron, which is in red blood cells in the form of hemoglobin. The red blood cells will transport oxygen to the scalp. if the body lacks iron, the hair follicles do not receive adequate oxygen causing hair to fall off and not regrow.  Furthermore, vitamins C and E serve to strengthen hair roots, vitamin A is a healthy diet for hair, and zinc aids in the synthesis of hair proteins.

Use a mild shampoo.

Use a mild shampoo free of silicones and chemicals like sulfates and parabens. Silicone is a chemical added to shampoo to make hair softer by coating the hair and making it shiny. However, this substance is difficult to remove. If you use it constantly for a long time, it will build up on the hair and scalp and block the hair root. If you’re unsure which products include substances you should avoid, You may substitute with baby shampoos which are the best shampoo for hair loss.

Apply coconut oil to treat your hair.

The method is warming the coconut oil. Be careful not to overheat it. Then rub oil all over your head. Leave it on for 30 minutes while massaging your scalp with your fingertips. After that, rinse with warm water. The coconut oil will become waxy and clings to your hair if you use cold water. Then, as usual, wash your hair with shampoo and condition it. This will improve the shine, softness, and smoothness of your hair. Enhance hair regeneration Restore dry, damaged hair caused by heat and chemicals. This natural hair care can be applied many times as wanted. People with greasy hair should take caution, coconut oil must be well washed.

Soy milk can be therapeutic.

This approach nourishes the hair from within and is ideal for vegetarians because of the high protein content of soy. It includes biotin and helps to increase hair growth and stop hair loss. This strategy is simple: drink one glass of soy milk every day. On an empty stomach, or around 2 hours before or after a meal

Use wide-tooth comb

Using a wide-toothed comb will assist to keep your hair in good condition. It will help to minimize hair loss because the hair will not become entangled in the comb’s teeth. It aids in the prevention of knotted hair. People with long, thick, and curly hair, in particular, will make your hair less frizzy.

Wash your hair with warm and cold water alternately.

You’ve undoubtedly heard that using warm water to wash your hair is unhealthy for it. That was not exactly right. Because washing your hair with warm water aids in the removal of impurities and sebum from the scalp. which is appropriate for those with greasy hair It also helps hair care products to penetrate the cuticles of the hair. The disadvantage is that often washing your hair with warm water may cause your hair to dry out as the oil on your scalp is taken away. Similarly, washing your hair in cold water might cause your hair to seem thin. As a result, you can start with warm water. After applying shampoo and conditioner, rinse with cold water.

Use olive oil to nourish your hair.

Apply olive oil to your hair and scalp. Allow it to sit for approximately an hour. It should be done twice a week. This tip is the same method as the coconut oil hair treatment but olive oil has the advantage of not being as easily waxed as coconut oil. It can be washed out more easily. for those with greasy hair It is recommended to use this instead of coconut oil.

Wash your pillowcase or expose it to the sun. 

You may wonder why your hair is getting dirty. Even though you just washed it yesterday. Just take a look at the pillows you lie on every night because pillows are a habitat for germs and bacteria from dead skin cells on your scalp, saliva stains, or when you sleep with damp hair. cause the growth of fungus. That might explain why your hair is constantly unclean.

Dry Shampoo

It’s a must-have item if you have greasy hair and cannot wash it at the moment. It will prevent your hair from becoming oily and smelly during the day. It is portable and can be utilized at any moment, even while you are outside.

Wear a cooking hat

Food odors and smoke can easily become absorbed in the hair, leaving it oily and smelly. Therefore always wear a hat when cooking to cover your hair. This will keep your hair odor-free, and you won’t have to wash it every day. Because shampooing your hair every day is unhealthy. The natural oils produced by the sebaceous glands on the scalp to feed the hair will be rinsed away. It dries out the scalp and causes other problems.